Fuck Yo Couch

What do you get when you cross an American with a Cuban?
A whole bunch of big boobs and bellies, that’s what!

The American is one Samantha Anderson who we know as Samantha 38G. And the Cuban is Angelina Castro.

Plumper Sam (58-34-48, 38G) and chubby Angelina (42-28-42, 38H) get it on with the assistance of Donny (the dick).

I am a little suspicious of the measurements I have given here for Angelina. I think she is bigger than that now.
At 5’8″, I think her stated 156 lbs (11st2lbs / 70kgs) is a little too low, too.

Sam weighs in at 218 lbs (15st9lbs / 99kgs) and is 5’5″ tall, so she carries her heaviness in a far more obvious manner. Her big flabby tummy and her gorgeous fatty folds as glorious as ever.

Samantha 38G & Angelina Castro at PlumperPass.com

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7 thoughts on “Fuck Yo Couch”

    1. @ Henry. I usually pass comment on the use of condoms when I blog a scene where they’re being utilised, but I neglected to do so, this time, for shame.
      Safer sex is a necessity as we all know, but is still so rarely seen in porn. Some wonderful performers, like the lovely Sam herself, are brave enough to make a big fat hairy noise about this. As should we all.

      Porn may be fantasy stuff for it’s consumers but it can be life and death when it comes to safer sex, for the performers.

  1. Vix, glad to here you agree that safe sex is an issue for society as well as porn actors. There has been multiple outbreaks of STDs in LA porn in the past few years. Too bad you don’t comment more often on the topic. The models roll the dice monthly and it is OK as long as the money keeps coming in. Testing is not prevention. It reduces the risk, but the risk is still great with that many partners. The lack of condoms teaches young men and women that unsafe sex is OK. Herpes is only detectable when the virus is active, and it can become active at any time without the model even knowing it. So, if you really care about the models, speak out. Otherwise the risk remains and continues to teach kids that unsafe sex is OK. Beyond STDs, how many of these models have had unwanted pregnancies before they got in the business?

  2. Thanks for the condom support. Angelina & I are both condom only performers. Even though we still test, feel that it isn’t enough & required condoms. Unfortunately those against condoms scream the loudest & fans whom they don’t bother please speak up more. 🙂 your support is greatly appreciated.

    We both weigh the same 200 pounds.


  3. @Sam, I hope you still test, you can still get infected with a variety of STDs via oral.

    With respect to porn in general, there isn’t anything really new or interesting in most scenes. These web sites make the models seem like dumb sluts. Is there any effort to make a scene or whole movie with an original plot? Where is the next classic like “Behind the green door” or “Deep throat”?

  4. There are movies still made but why bother when men just fast forward to the sex? The fact you don’t hear about them as much is because it doesn’t sell.

    Why spend all that money to make a movie these days when it will end up stolen on some tube site for free? Free doesn’t pay the bills. There has to be a profit in such things for them to be made. 🙂

    Yes, I am & those I work with are still tested. We are not using condoms without testing, but as an extra safety measure to prevent problems or not to worry when others in the biz do pop up with one.


  5. I understand that profit has to be made. It is just too bad that with the
    AADD society we live has taken away any chance of having a new classic porn movie. The standards are pretty low now. There are some glam sites that are doing more passionate scenes, but they don’t feature BBWs.

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