From one extreme to the other…

I have some of the nicest visitors to MyBBWSite: Take BigBoobFan, for instance, who suggested that the reason the poor guy kept slipping out of 36FF Marie in my “size matters” blog merely had a “soft on”! Aww, bless – you’re too kind. ;~) As for Marie’s crooked, toothy grin, I have to say that I rather enjoy the feeling of teeth scraping against the underside of my cock during a blowjob. Of course, she & I would have to be in the 69 position for that particular portion of my anatomy to meet the incisors in question. Hmmm.

Speaking of cocks, I thought I’d go to the opposite extreme in today’s blog and find a slightly larger specimen to show how it’s done. In this video from Hot Sexy Plumpers, the meatily-endowed Monica Erotica takes on a huge black cock in most every way imaginable…and, actually, it’s a rather good match for her rather voluminous vagina (gotta love fisting a woman you can really sink your whole hand into!). Mind you, he does slip out once, but Monica defty re-inserts his cock without missing a stroke! Utterly masterful.

Her boobs-bouncing two-fisted hot oily handjob is a sight to behold as well, as is the combination titfuck / blowjob he gets before plunging his plump penis head-on into Monica’s well-lubricated pussy. Man, this woman has stamina, not to mention a seemingly endless capacity for cock! The forced deep-throat attempt in the last clip below proves a bit overwhelming for her, but I’ll spare you the details on that one. The whole video’s just under an hour long, but here are a few highlights courtesy of Hot Sexy Plumpers:

Monica Erotica PlumperPass Monica Erotica of
Monica Erotica of Plumper Pass Monica Erotica Plumper Pass
Monica Erotica PlumperPass Monica Erotica Plumper Pass
Monica Erotica PlumperPass Monica Erotica PlumperPass


(Big Tit BBWS Live on Cam)

10 thoughts on “From one extreme to the other…”

  1. I went on the website but I didn’t see any stats for Monica or any others (I keep straying off to Sam and Deja..). Is she an F cup or what? Or is that off topic for this blog? I’m not sure what’s on topic here lately. I’m thinking Sam, Deja, and Maxi are more plumpers than BBWs.

  2. VF~

    Monica’s stats weren’t listed on the site, but a bit of research revealed that she’s apparently a 40DDD (which is an E-cup in my book). I don’t consider the question off-topic at all, I just didn’t have the details to hand when I wrote my blog. Regarding the rest: Like I said in my “question of boobs” blog over on MyBoobSite, I tend to blog whatever I find attractive (which invariably involves large breasts). My very first love of the land of larger ladies was a girl called “Angel BBW“, which formed my initial impressions of what qualified one to be considered a BBW. However, I’ve since extended MyBBWSite’s tag line to read “…a veritable voluptuary of plumpers & big beautiful women.”

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. I think Reese is on to Something good. Bring on the Big Girls , Plumpers , BBWS and all the girls with a little cushion for the pushin’. Lovely and Large is how I like em

  4. HA! Thanks for the mention mate. Nice vids – he certainly does have what it takes to take advantage of her big love tunnel. Nice to see a woman that can take it all in and enjoy it too. Well done.

  5. Movies with her in:
    1/ Hot n` heavy 4
    2/ Hot sexy plumpers3
    3/ Hot sexy plumper 7

    If anyone know how the hell that guy is?
    let med know wow wanna watch a ton of movies with him
    holy moses he is insane HUNG!

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