Feeding the big belly fetish with Christina 42F…

I am obsessed with big boobs. As long as they’re F-cup or up, they’ve generally got my undivided attention. However, when it comes to plumpers and big, beautiful women, I often find my hands inexplicably drawn to another fine feature of their voluptuous physique; their soft, squishy tummies.

It’s happened more than once when I’ve been sensually spooning behind a woman of Rubenesque proportions: After the foreplay is finished and the fucking begins, you’d think that I’d be taking hold of their huge breasts and fervently fondling their tit-flesh whilst I pound away at their plump pussy. But you’d be wrong. Instead, my grip gravitates to the abdominal region, grabbing generous handfuls of belly fat and kneading my way to ecstasy. [By the way, guys, if you ever want to pay a plump female friend the ultimate compliment, just tell her she’s got a terribly sexy tummy. It’s one that, in my humble experience, they’ve never heard before and will never, ever forget!]

I was reminded of my big belly fetish when I saw the following videos of busty blonde BBW Christina from HotSexyPlumpers. Despite her attempts to divert attention to her 42F tits in the first two video clips – though lovely they are, even when they’re not lactating – it’s Christina’s jiggling tummy that holds the most intensely erotic allure for me. If you’ve ever enjoyed a flabby belly-fuck (it’s like a tit-fuck, only using folds of tummy-flesh rather than cleavage), then you can understand the profound attraction. But before I go rambling on about my own particular personal plumper perversions, here’s the stunning Christina and her pleasingly-plump tummy from HotSexyPlumpers.com:

Christina 42F Videos from HotSexyPlumpers.com Christina 42F Videos from HotSexyPlumpers.com
Christina 42F Videos from HotSexyPlumpers.com Christina 42F Videos from HotSexyPlumpers.com
Christina 42F Videos from HotSexyPlumpers.com Christina 42F Videos from HotSexyPlumpers.com



8 thoughts on “Feeding the big belly fetish with Christina 42F…”

  1. Now, that’s what I am talking about. I love the tits, but more than anything I like her body type. I love girls 200-300 pounds. Bring on the chubs!

  2. Finding you was like finding some long lost brother. Your tastes, the way that you think and talk…and obviously your work on this site compiling the pictures, movies and links – it is just incredible. And so far, my computer has remained safe from attacks. Just incredible. I cannot thank you enough. You have a new and very big fan. Male, 45 and so very breast-obsessed.

  3. All I have to say is that I have both movies that Christina is in and let me tell you she is one hot piece of ass. And what a ass it is! She can bring a man to there knee’s that is for sure. If you want to watch something good with her in it watch Big Lovin 1 and 2.

  4. I have to agree with the Maestro in his appreciation of the big soft belly!!

    Not only is Christina a very beautiful young woman. But the sight of her on hands and knees, with both beasts and bell hanging on the bed, that leaves me once more foaming at the mouth. 🙂

    I rather suspect that a “Sixty nine” (Please excuse my French) With the lovely Christina on top. Well that might feel akin to dying and going to heaven :-))

    Please keep up the good work.
    All of the ladies on both of your sites are truly exquisit!!

  5. I think her ass is her best feature regarding her build. But the overall factor for me is that she is a really attractive woman. ( I may be biased, she looks like my wife, but Christina is a lot larger)

  6. Man this girl is among the hottest, and what a pretty face! I only hope when she says her boobies will be bigger soon she doesn’t mean a boob job. That would totally ruin the deal for me. We love you Christina!

  7. 42F? Nah, not unless she’s about 6 feet tall in those pics… I’m guessing a full 42D, maybe DD, but not F. I can understand the overhype for porn effect, though.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s awesomely beautiful, just not huge

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