Eden 38DD Casting Couch Plumper Gets Pounded

When beautiful brunette BBW Eden 38DD arrives to a modeling interview, she finds it awfully strange that she ends up at a residential address. The beautiful plumper is all about business, answering an ad for plus-sized models. As soon as she realized that this was a house, she begins to was feel a little uneasy. This scene for Plumper Pass in a smoking hot comeback worthy of a 6 year wait, since we’ve last seen this beauty! This stunning brunette BBW is fully stacked, looking like a thick wet dream in her yellow sundress, having gained 50-60 luscious pounds on her gorgeous frame.

The brunette BBW may have been apprehensive at first, but she’s put at ease with this agent’s excuses that he does all his work from home and his willingness to get down to business. They set the scene in home, and Eden 38DD is ready to prove herself for any time of plus-sized modeling work he may have available.

Eden 38DD Casting Couch Plumper Gets Pounded

Brunette BBW Casting Couch Hardcore

Eden 38DD insists that she has everything he needs, and they begin to get to work so he can evaluate her look for some jobs. She tries to lead him to her portfolio, but his computer doesn’t seem to working. Why would his computer work when a beautiful, thick goddess is right in front of him, ready and willing to show her body off to him directly? He feverishly tries his best to get the computer to work, and she volunteers to simply show him what she’s got right then and there.

Eden 38DD’s luscious tits are the first to come out, and she asks him more about what he needs her to do. Determined to get a full evaluation of her talents, this director has plenty of tricks to see more of that thick body of hers. He promises her a greater chance of getting the job, if she does more. No kidding! When his hands begin to explore, he strips her down, basking in the glow of her big tits. He continues, flipping up that little sundress and exposing her beautiful thick ass. She enjoys a good ass smack, and he continues to undress this delectable brunette BBW.

Eden 38DD Casting Couch Plumper Gets Pounded

Eden 38DD BBW Big Belly Play

This casting director sure has a good time with Eden 38DD, simply feeling up her body. However, he definitely needs more of this thick beauty queen. Eden was exactly what he was looking for in his ad, much to her delight. He joyfully plays with those hugs tits and rubs her thick thighs. She enjoys every touch and insists she has lots of experience with exactly what he’s looking for! Then lovely Miss Eden spreads her legs wide, revealing that beautifully trimmed up pussy while he plays.

This lovely brunette BBW has even more skills to share with this casting director! Eden 38DD drops to her knees, and unbuckles his pants. She happily unveils his cock to show off her blowjob skills. She’s proud to show off her body, giving this casting director exactly what he needed. Seems to us like she may get the part after all!

Check out Eden 38DD getting her deepthroat talents evaluated in this hot scene for Plumper Pass!

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