Daphne Stone goes it alone…

Although I’m really sorry for inundating you all with female masturbation videos as of late (and promise to get back to proper plumper sex in the very near future), this is one from BBWDreams that I just couldn’t pass up. You see, it stars busty blonde BBW Daphne Stone, whom I’ve never featured here before!

It was just a few years ago that lifetime Canadian resident Daphne decided to pack in her boring job as a government worker and opt for something a bit more thrilling. It was then that she encountered a help wanted ad in her local paper for hostesses in the BBW videochat industry and decided to have a go. Not long thereafter, the buxom, voluptuous Ms. Stone was “discovered” by virtue of her webcam work and the rest, as they say, is history. Now a BBW porn star in her own right, 44F Daphne enjoys appearances in adult movies and websites the world over.

Thus, if you can overlook my overwrought repetition of the women wanking theme (even though I do find Daphne spreading her labia lips and reaching her fingers deep into her plump pussy to massage her G-spot quite erotic), I thought this might be an apt introduction to her Rubenesque charms. Tell you what, just ignore the fact that she pleasuring herself in an onanistic orgy and concentrate on how Daphne’s 44F big tits wobble and hang so hypnotically in the 5th video clip below. Yeah, that’s the ticket… ;~) …and here’s BBW Daphne Stone courtesy of BBWDreams.com:

Daphne Stone videos at BBWDreams.com Daphne Stone videos at BBWDreams.com
Daphne Stone videos at BBWDreams.com Daphne Stone videos at BBWDreams.com
Daphne Stone videos at BBWDreams.com Daphne Stone videos at BBWDreams.com



3 thoughts on “Daphne Stone goes it alone…”

  1. Another excellent BBW. Bigger women are a new thing to me thanks to this site, and boy am i loving it. Amazing shape, wonderful soft gigantic breasts, and a pretty face. Keep these posts coming.

  2. what a beautiful and big solid body Daphne is having. It is great body can be offered as security to any billion dollar loan! Big are the boobs amking Alphs mountain to be second. Her pussy canal is big making Nileriver to bow down its head. She is having big pussy iner lips like hand fans. her bumps are like road humps or like roll of carpet. The person who enter her cunt is worlds most happiest man. Big is beutiful and jumpimg boobs are like nasa rockets going up.

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