Danica Danali & Alice – Bigger Boobs Brunette or Blonde?

Two recent busty new BBW arrivals at Plumper Pass have left me in a bit of a quandary. First, there was the gorgeous 38J Danica Danali with her “udderly” massive tits and beautiful big belly to go along with them (said adorably ample abdomen of plump tummy flesh serving as the perfect sexy breast rest for those enormous boobs of hers)…

Danica Danali photos from PlumperPass.com

…but, then, along comes Alice. “Who the fuck is Alice?” you may ask (no, on second thought, don’t, as it’s a British thing) and, although her respectably large breasts are smaller than considerable cock hugging cleavage Danica’s huge boobs have to offer, Alice is a busty blonde! (and I must admit that I am rather partial to a blonde with big tits)…

Alice photos from PlumperPass.com

…as my father always said, “Reese, you can love a girl with small tits just as much as a chesty one, so why not go for the busty girl and get big boobs in the process?” Still, with the whole buxom blonde BBW thing going on, it’s a toss-up, really. So… J-cup breasts or less busty but blonde, J-cup breasts, less busty blonde? I can’t decide! Meh, maybe seeing this pair of otherwise equally gorgeous girls in hardcore action might help, courtesy of these Alice & Danica Danali videos from PlumperPass.com:

Alice video from PlumperPass.com    Danica Danali video from PlumperPass.com



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