Cooking fun with Maxi 32JJ…

In answer to so many of your inquiries here and on MyBoobSite, the preview videos on the site are no longer. :~( Still, you can rest assured that I’ll continue to include video previews on MyBBWSite whenever Maxi releases a new video (or until someone comes and forcibly pries my editing scrub wheel out of my cold, dead fingers…whichever comes first*)! ;~)

With this in mind, we now join Maxi in her kitchen where she appears to be preparing some manner of mammary stew, the sole ingredients of which appear to consist of three carrots, a parsnip and two massive JJ-cup breasts (a curious recipe, to say the least, but I’ll try anything where tits that huge are involved). Her pregnancy seems to be coming along well, with Maxi’s belly plumping up rather nicely since I last blogged her in mid-March when she was five months pregnant.

And the big boobs / belly combination is practical, too! Just look how she’s able to effortlessly loft that stainless steel bowl with just one breast!! Hands-free cooking at its finest from

Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of
Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of
Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of
Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of

(note: sample photos are 1/4 the resolution of those available on the site)

…and, as promised, here are a handful of video clips from more-than-a-handful Maxi’s kitchen adventures over at

Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of
Maxi 32JJ of Maxi 32JJ of

(note: video downloadable from the site is high-definition 1280×720 resolution)


4 thoughts on “Cooking fun with Maxi 32JJ…”

  1. What’s appealing to me is cooking that uses milk, and that milk, of course comes from those massive mammaries. And that ain’t happening yet, so really nothing’s new here.

  2. Dear Friend:

    I´m biggest fan from Maxi. But i cant join her site because i dont have international credit card. I´m from Brazil. Do you have any picture from Maxi pregnant more recent?

    If you can post here or send to my email, i´ll be gratefull.


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