Chunky young plumper goodness with Jasmin P

Being a BBW lover doesn’t always mean that you’re forever in search of the most massive tits, flabby belly or huge ass plumpers you can find (although I must admit that it is a nice coup when you can find all of these fabulous features in one package!). No, sometimes you’re perfectly content with a moderately voluptuous woman of substance to keep you warm at night.

Such were my own first thoughts when I encountered new arrival Jazmin P over at the HotSexyPlumpers site. I wouldn’t necessarily consider her a BBW by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s just one of those pleasingly plump, chunky young girls with enough meat on her bones in all the right places to make the prospect pumping her tidy pussy rather appealing (especially if it’s reverse-cowgirl style so that you get the benefit of the bit of extra weight she’s carrying bearing down upon you and those gorgeous, perfectly formed breasts dangling in your face!). Mmmm, lovely.

See? Being a confirmed chubby chaser doesn’t just limit you to fat chicks, it simply affords the freedom to get the best from all possible worlds! To prove my point, here are a few video clips of beautiful young Jazmin P from that wide-ranging world of plumper perfection,

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Jazmin P videos from Jazmin P videos from
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3 thoughts on “Chunky young plumper goodness with Jasmin P”

  1. Nice plumper… would be nice if she made a bit more “sound” in the videos though. Heh heh. Looked more like she was going through the motions than having some fun.

  2. The guys at Plumperpass always find the best looking plumpers…I would like to see her shoot more scenes for HSP…possibly some interacial…you know mix it up a lil bit….I enjoyed watching this scene..and it is one of my favorites 😛

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