Bumping Doughnuts with Shugar & Brandy

It was a lesbian friend who first availed me to the delightful term “bumping doughnuts” as a euphemism for lesbian sex. This refers, of course, to the act of two girls humping and grinding together, pussy against pussy, for mutual clitoral stimulation. For being such a prevalent practice in the real lesbian community, I’ve found this to be a bit of a rarity in girl-on-girl porn. This is probably due to the fact that many of the women appearing in these videos are nothing more than artificial “lipstick lesbians”, merely acting out the typical male fantasy of what they think lesbianism should be.

Shugar & Brandy, however, in their latest video for Plumper Pass, prove to be the exception. In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever seen such full-on pussy-grinding action in lesbian porn (and they seem to be genuinely enjoying each other as well!)! Thrilled as I was to see a legitimate lesbian liaison captured on video, I must admit that I was far more captivated by Shugar’s massive tits bouncing whilst she went clit-to-clit with a supine Brandy, the same big boobs that featured in one of my titfuck / blowjob blogs a while back. Hmmm, I suppose that would make Shugar bisexual then, wouldn’t it? Eh, no matter – I’ll take her in any combination.

Here are a few preview clips of Shugar & Brandy, “bumping doughnuts” and more, in their latest lesbian video from Plumper Pass:

Shugar & Brandy Lesbian Plumperpass Shugar & Brandy bumping doughnuts at BigBadMamas.com
Shugar & Brandy bumping doughnuts at BigBadMamas.com Shugar & Brandy bumping doughnuts at BigBadMamas.com
Shugar & Brandy bumping doughnuts at BigBadMamas.com Shugar & Brandy bumping doughnuts at BigBadMamas.com

(note: video downloadable from the site is 640×480 resolution)


6 thoughts on “Bumping Doughnuts with Shugar & Brandy”

  1. Wowsers!! Those clips of Shugar and Brandy are some of the hottest lesbian clips I have ever seen!! They were both really passionate, really into it! I would kill to be caught in between those two voluptuous women when they’re bumping and grinding like that, all that delicious flesh to play with!!! Wow!! If you can post any clips from this session, please do!!

  2. Very nice clips, but could you please make me happy and show some clips from Laura Bailey. Perhaps the one with Suzie Wilden.

    Thanks, and keep u the good work.

  3. which one is shugar, and which one is brandy ? the blondie with the butterfly tattoo’s on her breast is called tootan. or she at least goes by that name on siliconefree. why cant the girls go by just one name / alias. it annoys me. too many do it as you know. oh well, at least they share their wonderfull talent with the world.

  4. Excellent clip. Love chubby lesbians. These two are so passionate and real.

    Thank You.

    P.S. Wish the were so more clips of these two ladies.

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