Big things come in small packages, too!

In my first blog of Vivian, newcomer to sexy Samantha 38G’s site, all I had were a handful of photos to showcase the curvy charms of this cute, cuddly creature. Now that she’s a regular on Sam’s site, not only do I have videos of the voluptuous vixen that is Vivian, but a little more information about her as well! For me, the most surprising fact was that Vivian stands just 4 feet 9 inches tall, which has to make her by far the smallest big, beautiful woman I’ve ever blogged! For someone so tiny, she certainly is well-proportioned, with big 40DDD boobs and a full, round derriere to die for (yes, it really does seem that I’m slowly but surely becoming a bit of a butt-man after all!).

Shot in the 110 degree heat of the Arizona desert, Vivian’s new video is hot in more ways than one (afterwards, she did admit to feeling a bit sunburned on her boobs & bum), and we get to enjoy her ample assets from all possible angles. The close-ups are rather exceptional as well, as we’re treated to a frame-filling view of Vivian’s copious cleavage as she dribbles her nipples and areolas in suntan oil before massaging it into her now-slippery tits, but the one where the cameraman zooms up from behind as Vivian spreads her legs to stroke herself is utterly breathtaking! My only complaint with the video is that she keeps her belly covered the whole time, because, in addition to luscious, large breasts, soft, cuddly tummies turn me on to no end as well (mmm…there’s nothing quite like the feeling of spooning up behind a full-figured female, cock nestled safely inside of her, whilst reaching around to fondle generous handfuls of warm, squishy belly-flesh…but I digress).

The very last part of this 49 minute movie provides a brief interview with Vivian during the car ride back from the shoot. However, she’s so turned-on from all of the tit-play that came before, she starts off with masturbating herself to a screaming orgasm (it’s a wonder she doesn’t injure herself, what with those unfeasibly long fingernails poking her pussy). Once she’s cum, though, Vivian settles back and is prepared to talk, albeit rubbing her DDD-cups pretty much the whole time. Topics include her tits & ass (of course), how she’s often mistaken for a 15-year-old because of her elfin stature and how many porn sites are more and more beginning to embrace plumpers & BBWs in response to popular desire. In the course of the interview, Vivian also has some kind words for Samantha, whom she’d love to bed in a threesome situation, and even provides a demonstration of how her tube-top turns tits-out when she’s out clubbing (oh, how I love tube-tops)!

And so, a few clips of Vivian’s video from

Vivian 40DDD at Vivian 40DDD at
Vivian 40DDD at Vivian 40DDD at
Vivian 40DDD at Vivian 40DDD at



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