Betty Blac Bare Backgammon Sex

How often have you been sitting down to a nice game of Backgammon, only to find your crotch being caressed by your opponents foot? No, me neither. But here we have Betty Blac doing just that to her board-game buddy.

Being, it’s not long before the two gamesters are getting down and dirty.

Betty has incredible curves. She seems to alter in chemical state, like water, making smooth transitions from solid to liquid. She gets her big, round butt slapped whilst on all fours and it is firm and steady, then, on her back getting fucked, her tummy and tits are moving like jelly/jello on a plate. Sloshing up and down in time with the bareback pounding she is getting. Mesmerising.

Although she has had a picture on MyBBWsite before, she has never had her own blog 😮 So…

Betty Blac was born in August of 1980, making her 32, at time of writing. Her skin is so clear and smooth, I would not have guessed her to be in her thirties. And, despite her obvious larger size, she is not saggy or flabby.

Those incredible knockers get stuffed away into size 36K bras, when she’s not got them out for the likes of us, and her vital statistics are 48-39-45.

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