Ass Worship – The work of the devil?!

Throughout the majority of this fine morning, I have found myself curiously contemplating my wife’s ass. Curious, I say, because the world and their brother know I’m a big tit man at heart. But watching her lie there in bed, still asleep, naked and uncovered, my focus was drawn not to her breasts but to her bum. You see, she was lying on her side in a semi-fetal position, and by beholding her lovely ass from just the right angle, I could catch a teasing glimpse of her shaven pussy peeking out from between the diamond-shaped gap at the top of her thighs. *sigh* I was utterly besotted – simultaneously in love and in lust – and stood there for several minutes wanting to commit this most erotic image to memory (as whipping out my camera and taking a photo probably would have awakened her from her gentle slumbers).

It was this incident which made me painfully aware that I may well be becoming a bit of a butt man and, as far as I’m aware, I’ve only expressed an appreciation for asses once before on MyBBWSite! Truth of the matter is, my rampant obsession with big breasts has always overshadowed all other features of the female anatomy, but now I’m beginning to wonder now if the sensual potential butts may be overtaking boobs in my psyche. If so, then truly this must be the work of the devil!

And speaking of devils and asses, yet another lovely bum that I find myself particularly attracted to is that of Sweet Devilz Candy. As far as plumper asses go, imho, hers is hard to beat (unless you’re into spanking, of course). Big, round and curvaceous with plenty of flesh to grab hold of whilst taking her from behind, I’m not exaggerating when I say that Candy puts the “maximus” into gluteus maximus (and I can personally think of several things I wouldn’t mind putting in it as well!). Indeed, a nice ass worthy of worship and one that effectively turns this tit-monger’s thoughts on their backside.

That said, should I happen to indulge my doggy-style fantasy for a moment, I find my mind begins wander. Sure, it would be lovely to have Candy on her hands & knees before me, holding onto her hips whilst I pump her pussy from behind, her ample ass cheeks slapping firmly against my abdomen with every stoke. But however could I then resist reaching around to fondle her cuddy tummy as it jiggles beneath her as a sort of belly ballast to her bountiful body? And the mere thought of those beautiful big breasts are dangling just out of my view, swaying in pendulous counterpoint to the divine rhythm of our fucking is enough to take me back to my first love (I’m talking tits here, of course!). Finally, if you add Candy’s hot, wet and luxuriously inviting plump pussy into the equation, beckoning to be filled, I have to assume that it’s far more than her ass I’m attracted to – I appreciate the whole package (so perhaps I’m not a lost cause after all!).

Although all of these remarkable qualities are aptly demonstrated in Candy’s wondrous knee-fucking video I’d blogged a while back, I feel it’s it’s high time we revisit this most stunning & sexy busty blonde BBW. And, since the theme of today’s blog just happens to be ass worship, how appropriate that I’ve found the following videos of Sweet Devilz Candy and her girlfriend engaging in said activity from

Sweet Devilz Candy ass worship videos at Sweet Devilz Candy ass worship videos at
Sweet Devilz Candy ass worship videos at Sweet Devilz Candy ass worship videos at
Sweet Devilz Candy ass worship videos at Sweet Devilz Candy ass worship videos at



5 thoughts on “Ass Worship – The work of the devil?!”

  1. You know normally lesbian kissing doesn’t do it for me but these two have some real passion. My jaw dropped and my blood pressure started to rise…


  2. Okay, now I can’t help but wonder…

    ‘assWORSHIP’ as opposed to ‘titPLAY’

    Now I’ve also heard the term ‘assplay’, but I so seldom come across the term ‘titworship’, or even ‘breastworship’. I know it’s out there, but why is it not as common?

    I’ve seen ‘big tits’, ‘small tits’, ‘squeezed tits’, ‘spanked tits’, ‘tied tits’, ‘sucked tits’, ‘FUCKed tits’, ‘tortured tits’, ‘stretched tits’, ‘morphed tits’, ‘fake tits’, ‘enlarged tits’, ‘black or ebony tits’, ‘MEGAtits’, ‘melons’ and tons of other fruits,

    I’ve seen ‘clamped tits’, ‘groped tits’, even ‘upside-down tits’, ‘wet tits’, ‘dressed tits’, ‘covered tits’, ‘naked tits’, ‘C tits’, ‘J tits’, even ‘double M tits’.

    Even as I google titworship, I only return 6 results. Separate the words tit and worship – 1.1 million.

    The closest thing that comes to mind is an image of ‘Jeff Murdock’ going on in the bilingual episode of Coupling.

    So, what elevates the buttocks to diety (not that I have anything against religion. Especially one I can sink my **** into). I’m just curious.

    And for that matter, why not the clitorus? It’s like the holy grail. Women tell tale of all manner of men who seek out it’s mysterious, mystical power, and fail to behold it’s glory. Why is it not as widely worshipped as the ass?

    I mean, if your truly impassioned about the female orgasm, and need to create as many as possible, wouldn’t the clitoris be at least a keen point of study? I could even make a viable argument for hips (just not in today’s blog).

    As much as I love a nice BIG ROUND ass, my obsession is equally with breasts, if not moreso. But again, that’s an obsession, not a ‘…worship’.

    …just a thought.

  3. The photo that brought me here, of that golden, hairless, earth-goddess type presenting her delicious, nutritious ass is absolutely habit-forming. Do you have any more photos of her in equally delicious poses, at varying angles?
    It’s tough to explain what elevates the female ass, particularly the smooth, scrupulously clean inside and out female ass. It’s a combination of sight, smell, taste, feel, etc. that makes it so. As with any religious, it’s not something you enter into due to rational considerations, but is a matter of the heart and personal preference.

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