April McKenzie gets (Hot Sexy) Plumper

Having just blogged Eden Mor’s dramatic weight loss on MyBoobSite, I thought I might go in exactly the opposite direction here on the BBW blog and feature some dramatic weight gain instead! The subject of our admiring adipose tissue study of the sexy female anatomy on the increase shall be ever beautiful sexy 36GG busty slut April McKenzie who, as we will witness in the reverse weight loss before and after photos below, has been pulchritudinously putting on pounds of late…

April McKenzie Skinny (before weight gain)    April McKenzie Plumper (after weight gain)

…that “before” photo of an alarmingly skinny April McKenzie on the left was taken three years ago whereas the “after” pic on the right is the more busty voluptuous plumper April McKenzie of the present day. And, whilst Weight Watchers and the obesity obsessed general public at large would almost certainly disagree with me, this fat admirer finds the bigger, plumper April McKenzie better and far more sexy than the tragically thin April hands down (this slimmer “stick with tits” version, apart from having an unbelievably huge rack for such a slender frame, just doesn’t hold quite the same sexual allure for me). Sure, she had massive breasts to begin with (and, usually, that’s quite enough to get my attention), but the added bit of extra weight has made her already big boobs bigger plus sized up her super stacked figure to include an irresistibly cuddly belly fat and a fuckably sexy round ass as well, thus transforming April McKenzie from her former super slender skinny big boobs blond slut self into a chubby chaser’s dream girl supreme! So let’s admire her more adorably ample full figured female form fucking – and, speaking of the more ample April’s anatomical extras, she’s also got an extra large penis in her pussy courtesy of monster cock Ramon – cumming courtesy of these sexy blonde and busty plumper fuck photos and hardcore videos of 36GG April McKenzie at HotSexyPlumpers.com:

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36GG April McKenzie hardcore videos from HotSexyPlumpers

April McKenzie videos from Hot Sexy Plumpers - HotSexyPlumpers.com




5 thoughts on “April McKenzie gets (Hot Sexy) Plumper”

  1. I absolutely love April, shes the definition of gorgeous. Her breasts are so lovely and soft and jiggly, and that tummy is beautiful too. Yep, shes a stunner alright…. she has some mind blowingly awesome content over and bangbros.

  2. April has great tits, but some girls just don’t do well with pregnancy. Denise Davies and April both ended up with a TON on stretch marks on their bellies. I’d rather see their stomachs covered now.

  3. I hope she keeps getting fatter! She was too thin pre-pregnancy anyway. And I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE stretch marks!

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