Amber Hall has Fuck Me Eyes

This may well turn out to be my quickest quickie ever, but you know my whole obsession with eyes and sexy eye contact in porn? Well, I’ve just seen Amber Hall flashing some of the sexiest fuck me eyes I’ve ever seen! Here are just a couple of erotic examples from her most recent busty British BBW Bonanza series at BBWsGoneBlack

Amber Hall flashing her fuck me eyes in sexy hardcore photos from    Amber Hall flashing her fuck me eyes in sexy hardcore photos from

…see? It doesn’t matter if she’s getting her pussy licked out in a cunnilingus frenzy of self tit sucking foreplay or just busy fucking with a cunt full of cock big, long, hard and black (oh, and kudos on the condom for giving safe sex a plug), our adorably ample Amber can still manage to stare you down with a slutty yet sensual gaze from sultry bedroom eyes screaming “fuck me now” as if she wants more (it’s nothing new, though, as we’ve all seen optically seductive Amber do this to us munching much more than a mouthful as well)! Well, that’s all I wanted to show you, really, so I’ll close with a few more of the 439 photos in this series plus clips from her latest interracial hardcore Amber Hall video from

4Amber Hall interracial hardcore from BBWsGoneBlack

Amber Hall interracial hardcore from

Amber Hall interracial videos from BBWsGoneBlack

Amber Hall interracial videos from



2 thoughts on “Amber Hall has Fuck Me Eyes”

  1. Whilst I say she’s got a gorgeous rough edged look about her that, in my opinion I’d be gagging to fuck anyday, I’m not a massive fan of ‘beef-curtains’. Too much dangling inner labia for my liking 🙁

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