All the lonely plumpers…

Brandy Talore Dildo BBWLand
Brandy Talore Dildo BBWLand

It’s a popular myth that large ladies are desperate, lonely women who who be eternally grateful if someone would just come have sex with them. On the contrary, nothing could be farther from the truth! As an active member of the swinging community here in the UK, I can tell you that some of the most popular and sought-after members of our group are BBWs. They’ve got throngs of men – and even some women – beating a path to their door! So throw that “sympathy fuck” theory right out the window, because it has no basis in reality. I suspect this mismisguided misanthropic mistruth was originally conceived by the same spotty high-school boys that used to call any girl with reasonably-sized breasts a “slut”…and, in both cases, I feel the attitude is representative of nothing more than hopeful teenage sexual frustration.

Anyway, today’s featured video from BBWLand starts out playing on that myth: We see the voluptuous Brandy Talore all alone on her sofa, desperately horny with only a long double-ended dildo to keep her company. But that myth is quickly debunked as we see a male visitor arrive at her home, not long after followed by another! Now, that’s closer to the reality that I know! What ensues is a flurry of fucking and sucking in the MMF threesome format that makes me proud to be a chubby-chaser. The only thing I’m not sure about is why the beardy bloke at Taylor’s head-end of the spit-roast has one finger raised up in the air in the last video clip below. Does he have a question or something? I mean, he’s getting sucked off by a beautiful woman, what’s not to understand?!

It’s Brandy’s way of greeting her first male guest and making him feel at home, however, that really caught my attention: Standing face to face with her new arrival, she reaches one hand down to his crotch, unzips his fly and skillfully extracts his penis, whereupon she begins stroking it gently before dropping down to her knees before him to suck his cock. Fairly straightforward, really. However, I cannot stress how strongly I recommend this become the de facto manner of greeting in our culture! Honestly, this simple, friendly gesture could potentially have the power to solve all the world’s woes!! Dogs go around sniffing each other’s asses as their way of saying “hello”…why can’t we do it with a simple blowjob?!







1 thought on “All the lonely plumpers…”

  1. No matter where humans are in the world, sex sells. I will say I disagree with Reese; we’re humans, not dogs, and dogs don’t have to live in a civilized society. They also piss on fire plugs, and any human doing so would be highly frowned upon. I could go on a rant about sexual norms, but that’s really not what this blog is about. I realize this isn’t my blog, so I’ll just suggest to Reese that he stay off his soapbox and stick with the subject of his blog, lest he lose the interest of his less open-minded readers.

    Sorry, Reese, but someone has to say it.

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