Absolute plumper perfection…Vicki Nicole

It’s not often that I come across plumpers whom I feel are just perfect. I speaking proportions here – huge breasts, chubby belly, hefty hips, meaty thighs – the kind of woman you just want to grab hold of and wallow in. Xtasy is one of these, and probably my pinnacle of plumper perfection (with the adorable face and blonde hair being a major bonus as well!). The stunning Serena Bliss is another prime example. And Seana Rae, were it not for the pseudo-corset-y thing she was wearing in her last video for HotSexyPlumpers which needlessly obscured her belly. All three of these women are nothing short of chubby goddesses in my book.

Now, at long last, I’ve found yet another BBW who qualifies for my titular toplist: Vicki Nicole. Like Xtasy and Seana Rae, Vicki appears on the Plumper Pass site, and it was the following video in which she really caught my attention – specifically the reverse-cowgirl scenes (my second favourite coital configuration), providing a full-on view of her ample assets. Watching Vicki’s big boobs and belly bounce as she slams her pussy down hard onto his cock with all of her body weight is truly a sight to behold, as was the underhanded wank she’d administered right before he came.

I must admit that this has been a most difficult movie from which to edit preview clips, as there are just too many good, juicy scenes to choose from. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll dispense with the introduction, pleasantries and foreplay, hot though they may be, and get right down to the “meat” of the matter, as it were. Thus, after going through the videos again and again, and coming up with over than a dozen delectable clips, here are my six favourite moments from Vicki Nicole’s video at HotSexyPlumpers.com:



Ebony Vicki Nicole Busty Vicki Nicole
Vicki Nicole from HotSexyPlumpers.com Vicki Nicole
Vicki Nicole Busty Vicki Nicole



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10 thoughts on “Absolute plumper perfection…Vicki Nicole”

  1. Vicki~

    Thanks so much for writing!! :~D You’re a truly stunning woman, and I hope we get to see a lot more of you in the future…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …I’ve removed the erroneous “e” from the end of your name and updated the entry. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Samantha was right. Vicki is one of the most perfectly proportioned plumpers on the web. She truly is phenomenal. You’ve got a true fan here. Can’t wait on what comes next!

  3. hi i just want 2 say you r 1 of my favorites bbws so extremely sexy with a perfect body iv a a couple of your scene on a free site a friend of mine gave me and let me say when i seen u having sex with that guy i couldnt hold back any more i had 2 pop u r just amazing would be nice if there was a video store around my town that sold your vids cuz that were my pay check would go is buying your vids keep doing what u r doing girl cuz your amazing at it stay sexy Larry

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