36GG Seana Rae at HotSexyPlumpers

When today’s video first debuted on Hot Sexy Plumpers a few days ago, it immediately cried out to me, “Look at my breasts!” Being the breast-obsessed fanatic that I am, I was “udderly” captivated from the first frame. That is to say I missed most of the movie in my first viewing – except for the titfuck scene, perhaps – as my eyes were squarely fixed the whole time on those beautiful round boobs.

Now, at a 36GG, Seana Rae certainly doesn’t have the biggest tits ever seen on MyBBWSite (that distinction would currently belong to 46P Monique, I believe), but her breasts are just so perfectly formed Pleasingly plump with a firmness that belies their GG-cup size, they just make you want to reach out and grab those pert, perky nipples perched atop their oval aureolas. Mmmm, scrump-tittily-icious, they are.

[Sorry. I seem to be in MyBoobSite mode here, rather than addressing the broader subject of BBWs at large. I shall duly fellate* myself in just penance for this transgression and return to the topic at hand shortly…]

The sex scenes in this 35 minute movie are great (but just look at those magnificent mammaries!), which is quite impressive considering that this was Seana Rae’s first time in front of the video camera! She’s a natural and obviously enjoys every possible position, from the boobs bouncing girl-on-top reverse mount to the ever-popular plumper side-fuck (one of my personal favourites, as it’s not only comfortable, but also offers the greatest groping potential!).

Seana Rae seems rather fond of oral sex as well, taking a well-deserved blowjob break every time she and her partner change positions (all in all, I counted six separate cock-kissing sequences!). And, of course, there’s plenty of tit fondling & suckling for the insatiable big breast lovers amongst us. The occasionally-roving camera was a nice touch, too, affording us a glimpse of the action from all angles with a couple of nice close-up penetration shots thrown in for good measure.

Although a terminal tit-fuck provides the happy ending in this one, the male lead still needs a bit of a wank before depositing his cum all over her gorgeous GG-cups and dragging his cock through her cleavage. Still, Seana enjoyed the experience so much that she’s promised to do more videos! Whilst we wait in eager anticipation of an encore performance, here are a few clips from the full video available at HotSexyPlumpers.com:

Seana Rae 36GG Hot Sexy Plumpers Seana Rae 36GG Hot Sexy Plumpers
Seana Rae 36GG Hot Sexy Plumpers Seana Rae 36GG Hot Sexy Plumpers
Seana Rae 36GG Hot Sexy Plumpers Seana Rae 36GG Hot Sexy Plumpers
Seana Rae 36GG Hot Sexy Plumpers Seana Rae 36GG of Hot Sexy Plumpers


Hot Sexy Plumpers


16 thoughts on “36GG Seana Rae at HotSexyPlumpers”

  1. Wow – nice slapping sounds and action in those vids. She certainly does have some beautiful round boobs as you put it.

  2. I think what Reese is trying to say is that there’s more to big boobs than just size. There’s the shape, in this case, nice and round. And there’s the color, and texture, too. But I go a bit further and say that there’s also the size of the other components, the areolas and nipples. Most of the models on the right of the blog page have areolas that aren’t that big; about the only one that has well-proportioned areolas and nipples, IMHO, is Samantha in the title screen.

    Another pair of examples is Maxi and Alicia. Maxi’s got maxi boobs overall and big nips presumably because she’s pregnant. But her areolas are only so-so, not really big enough for those huge udders. And Alicia has suddenly become very popular, I think because she not only has maxi boobs overall, but those udderly fantastic areolas and nipples, too! 🙂
    Oh, did I forget to mention they’re also filled with milk?

    Also, I should bring this up again: those pics in those hyperlinks I clicked on seem to all have that noticeable orangish hue. I haven’t tried the other pics yet.

  3. Just a thought. I think that instead of blogging Maxi PG every week, Reese could have a ‘start of PG’ pic, and a ‘current pic’ side-by-side in the pictures area on the right-hand side of the blog. That way, anyone can click on it and see the latest pics for comparison. I would try to make one animated .GIF pic of several progressive shots of her, each lasting a few seconds. That ought to be very interesting to watch!

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  5. As Seana Rae’s biggest fan, by far, I’d like to say that I am soooo excited that she has decided to do videos as well as her website (www.SeanaRae.com). I am a member of her yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/seanarae) and website, and I hear through the grapevine that she’ll be doing more videos with hotsexyplumpers.com as well as some interracial stuff with the famous Kayla Kleevages company, who btw did Seana’s shoots for Juggs and Big Butt magazines. What I’d love to see though is some stuff with more than one guy and possibly a gangbang video. Maybe if we all email her and ask real nice she’ll consider it. Wouldn’t that be awesome.

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  7. This is a true fuck machine. Seana Rae has the perfect body to please a man. I would love to fill that beautiful pussy of her’s full of cum.

  8. moro no rio de janeiro brasil, quero comprar os filmes da seana rae sou fã dela ela é demais por favor me responda atraves do meu e-mail, como faço para comprar os filme dela.

  9. I need a Seana Rae n my life. She iz so thick dat its a shame. Loooooooooooooovlely tittys, Id love 2 have dem n my mouth everynight!!!!! There grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreattttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

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