Amber Hall gets a Good Fingering on My Boob Site

Just a big heads (and fingers) up for fans of fingering pussy flaps that I’ve blogged a fabulous sexy female masturbation video of Amber Hall getting fingered by her finger fuck buddy over on My Boob Site. In it, I also posed a curious question for the young people of today, to wit, “Is fingering Read more about Amber Hall gets a Good Fingering on My Boob Site[…]

Sapphire goes Solo (for a sexy L-cup change)

Oh, guys, there is gonna be so much laundry needing doing after you cop an eyeful of this!! I am sure you have all seen the latest mega-tit ménage à trois with Lexxxi, Cotton Candi and Sapphire, in our last post (beneath this one)… …If not, have a scroll down in a minute, because you Read more about Sapphire goes Solo (for a sexy L-cup change)[…]

Lexxxi Luxe Lactating Breasts Milk Through Top

Just a biggest boobs quickie since I feel I’d get carried away talking gigantic tits ’til the cows come home, huge udders engorged to maximum capacity, about the new Lexxxi Luxe lactation photos & video from Plumper Pass… …after all, what more could ever be said about our gorgeous girl of the most massive mammaries Read more about Lexxxi Luxe Lactating Breasts Milk Through Top[…]

Cooking fun with Maxi 32JJ…

In answer to so many of your inquiries here and on MyBoobSite, the preview videos on the site are no longer. :~( Still, you can rest assured that I’ll continue to include video previews on MyBBWSite whenever Maxi releases a new video (or until someone comes and forcibly pries my editing scrub wheel out Read more about Cooking fun with Maxi 32JJ…[…]

Maxi 32JJ at 5 months…

Keeping true to my word, here’s the latest update on Maxi 32JJ’s pregnancy: She’s now 5 months pregnant and reports that her huge breasts are filling up with milk (she’s still wearing her usual industrial-strength JJ-cup bra, though). She’s developing a nice little belly, though, last weighting in at 70Kg (154lbs) and sporting a 36″ Read more about Maxi 32JJ at 5 months…[…]

The wonder of P-cup boobs…

Now, I’ve blogged a lot of huge tits over on MyBoobSite – the 38L’s of Sabrina Meloni, the 38MM’s of LushBoobs’ Liana, the 48NNN’s of Serenity Davis – but I have to say that this is the first time I’ve ever encountered a P-cup size! Such monster mammaries can only belong to BBW Dreams‘ Wonder Read more about The wonder of P-cup boobs…[…]

Pregnant Maxi 32JJ (4 months on)…

I’d first blogged the newly pregnant Maxi over on MyBoobSite, with photos taken when she’d first begun “showing”. Well, she’s four months on now in her pregnancy and I’m pleased to report still as sexy as ever! Maxi’s got a little bit more of a plump belly and her permanently erect nipples on those JJ-cup Read more about Pregnant Maxi 32JJ (4 months on)…[…]