Sweet Devilz Candy

I’ve mentioned before that my wife, Vix, likes big boobs and BBWs almost as much as I do. Thus, we tend to share a lot of the porn I blog both here and on MyBoobSite – which, of course, included my latest discovery: PlumperPass. Candy’s one of those busty, voluptuous blondes that you just want to wallow in. However, when I showed Vix this photo of my new find, she remarked, “That looks a lot like me!” I had to agree, with the exception that Candy’s a bit plumper than Vix.

They say that familiarity breeds contempt…but, in my case, it’s pure lust. Like Vix, she’s a big-boobed bisexual blonde, as well as a married swinger. It’s also an eerie coincidence that they both have rose tattoos on their backsides. The shaved pussy isn’t so much of a surprise, though, as that’s quite common in swingers’ circles. But she does qualify for MILF status, having one child, and, much like Vix, Candy’s an avid reader.

Vix & Candy do differ on some counts, though: For one thing, Vix has a penchant for MMF threesomes, citing that FFM group sex merely equates to “too many holes without enough poles”. She’s quite fond of such sexual diversions as double-blowjobs, single-entry double-penetration, and, of course, the ever-popular spit-roast. Candy, on the other hand, appears to prefer cock and pussy at the same time…as evidenced in this video from her PlumperPass.com website:

Candy from SweetDevilzCandy.com Candy from SweetDevilzCandy.com
Candy from SweetDevilzCandy.com Candy from SweetDevilzCandy.com
Candy from SweetDevilzCandy.com Candy from SweetDevilzCandy.com

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