Plumper sex with Christina, hold the milk…

Remember Christina? Buxom blonde BBW, huge dark aureolas, lactating?! Well, she’s not lactating any more (at least she isn’t in this video from Hot Sexy Plumpers, more’s the pity), but she is fucking! I suppose it’s just as well, though, as a milk-drenched lacto-shag might just prove to be a bit too much for me…not to say I wouldn’t be willing to try. ;~)

However, there’s more to Christina than just a pretty face, voluptuous body and squirting tits – she’s a rather good fuck, too! Thus, I figured it was time to revisit Christina to see her in some 1-on-1 hardcore action. When all is said and done, she gets her partner off with sloppy spit-lubed handjob, rubbing his cum into her F-cup boobs (as a protein-rich emollient, no doubt) before sucking and licking his cock clean.

Here are a few clips from Christina’s video at

Christina from Christina from
Christina from Christina from
Christina from Christina from




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