Devilz’ in a red dress…

I’d first blogged Sweet Devilz Candy right after launching of MyBBWSite, but it was one of her FFM threesome videos so we didn’t really get a good look, her voluptuous body obscured by those of her partners in the groupsex scenario. Besides, it’s hard to hold still when you’ve got two other people lavishing their sexual attentions upon you. Thus, I thought photos might be a better introduction to the busty blonde bisexual beauty that is Candy.

Now, I know it turns some people off (VF), but 31-year-old Candy has been a smoker since she was in her teens. Personally, I don’t mind smoking – my first girlfriend smoked and I quickly grew used to it (I expect her big boobs played a major role in my acceptance, tbh) – and, for some, it’s a major fetish…in fact, Candy has a smoking vid on her website for those who find it sexy.

But that’s beside the point: Candy’s still a stunning BBW with 40DD tits to die for (and that’s saying a lot for me, as a DD-cup is usually far too small for my tastes). Actually, I’d classify her more in the “light plumper” category, with just enough surplus flesh to make for a most comfortable, cuddly fuck. And, no, I wouldn’t mind if she smoked while we were doing it, as there’s plenty of other pleasures amongst her ample charms with which to occupy myself… ;~)

Sweet Devilz Candy of Sweet Devilz Candy of Sweet Devilz Candy of
Sweet Devilz Candy of Sweet Devilz Candy of Sweet Devilz Candy of
Sweet Devilz Candy of Sweet Devilz Candy of Sweet Devilz Candy of

(note: sample photos are 1/4 the resolution of those available on the site)




2 thoughts on “Devilz’ in a red dress…”

  1. Shit, i started smoking because the girl with the biggest tits in school did and it gave me the biggest hard on in my then young life id had to watch her suck on a marlboro. Huge tits +smoking= good.

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