Chelsea gets off in the great outdoors…

Now here’s what I like to see: A beautiful, busty plumper who takes pride in showing off her body! In fact, the lovely Chelsea from Big Lovin must have a bit of an exhibitionist streak running in her, since she does it in broad daylight in her back garden!

She seems most proud of her pussy, as that’s the first bit we get to see as she lays back and peels her panties away for a peek – granted, it does look rather inviting (and her ability to take that huge purple dildo is quite impressive as well) – before she stands up to strip off the rest, revealing her magnificent, large breasts and that gorgeous, voluptuous body in all its glory.

Watching women masturbating is a bit of a hobby of mine (but only with their permission, before you get the wrong impression!), as you can pick up valuable tips on how to best pleasure them by gauging the finger action against the intensity of their moans. Chelsea’s quite the skilled wank-master as well, which is most evident when she shifts position to show us a rear view without missing a stroke!

Finally, she grabs the nearest bloke available (isn’t that always the way?) for a blowjob and some ball-sucking before hopping on his cock for a boobs-bouncing fuck. However, you can help but think that would be a bit of a let down after pumping away with that prodigious purple pussy prod! Nonetheless, it’s yet another great video from

Chelsea at Chelsea at
Chelsea at Chelsea at
Chelsea at Chelsea at




4 thoughts on “Chelsea gets off in the great outdoors…”

  1. Keep bringing Em.. Love the way you are showing all the big girls who most of us guys prefer over these skinny twiggy 18years olds. More cushion for the pushin is my motto. I Luv Em big

  2. I visited their website, and I found too much superfluous graphics, which slowed down the page. Funny but I saw no mention at all of any stats for the models; in fact for Chelsea, I didn’t see any of her tits at all. Real shame since it’s definitely not the way to get the visitor to sign up.

    As for Luv Em Big’s “skinny twiggy 18years olds” comment, ain’t nothin’ wrong with 18 yr olds; skinny or fat, they’re legal. As for skinny and twiggy, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, ‘cuz after they’ve had a kid or two, they fill out nicely. The trick is to get them to have a kid or two, and that’s where the fun begins!

  3. Just saying thanks for posting some Chelsea, i think that girl is SMOKING hot,
    saw a few pics of her about a year back, but never any more.
    If you have more in the future, any postings would be much appreciated.
    Man, she is sexy!! Thanks!

  4. wow…. really hot… big enough for me…. great hips….. great BUTT….

    wow bro… if you bring CHERRY from Big Lovin to mybbwsite…. you’ll be my hero for all eternity…

    thanks a lot for sharing BIG ones….

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