Push Push in the Kush

Maybe it’s just me and what I may be doing, as I write, but I like the word Kush *. It conjures up good times, for me.

Maybe for some of you, also. If not… I think it may after you have seen these hardcore photos and video of Jane Kush.

Jane Kush is a gorgeous, chubby girl that measures in at 5’1″ (I am 5’2″) and has the all important statistics of 42-32-42. (I’m 42-31-35) Her bra size is 36F (as is mine). Interesting… maybe I should send photos to PlumperPass!

Maybe not, because pretty plumper, Jane, weighs 168lbs (12st) and I weigh 126lbs (9st). Bugger.

But I digress.

Ms Kush gives us a good show of her shuddering sexiness with a good shake of that ass in fishnet pantyhose.

That’s before they get ripped asunder so she can get banged by the boy with the big boner.

It’s a fat filled fabulous fuck film

Jane Kush at PlumperPass.com

Click here to visit Jane Kush at PlumperPass.com

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2 thoughts on “Push Push in the Kush

  1. don

    anyone else wonder why on the first screen of all these videos for plumper pass, the graphic of the woman looks like a wee person?

  2. Jim

    I like porn highlights the fantasy that I could actually be fucking the model. So, I prefer the solo, lesbian, and POV. After seeing most hard core stuff, I either feel sorry for the model or think she is a total slut and wouldn’t even want to buy her a drink. After seen this scene, I’ll pass.


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