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Super-sized BBW belly on display at last…

Remember how, in my last post, I was complaining about BBWs who covered up their big, voluptuous tummies in photo and video shoots? As a chubby chaser who loves a bit of extra body fat in all the right places, I’d much rather see them let it all hang out. After all, whom amongst fat admirers like ourselves doesn’t like to cuddle up behind a plumper and reach around to knead their chubby belly like warm, soft dough? It’s one of the most intimate, sensual feelings I’ve experienced and, despite my love of big breasts, this is my first port of call when cuddling a plumper.

What’s more, many of my more open-minded female friends regard it as the ultimate compliment when I walk up behind them or they sit on my lap and I casually caress their plump tummy whilst nuzzling into their neck. I suppose this is due to the fact that women, by and large, oft consider a flabby belly to be their worst physical feature, and for me to grant my undivided attention to their abdominal region may well promote a more positive body-image for them. I’ve found that even the off-hand compliment (especially advisable when intimate contact is inappropriate) – simply telling a chubby friend that you find their voluptuous belly to be intensely sexy – can work wonders!

As a fat admirer, I hate to see well-endowed women needlessly covering up their amazing anatomical assets. Granted, there are those lovely larger ladies who unfortunately face deplorable discrimination due to their refreshing comfort in revealing their curves (which, sadly, sends a negative message to all). However, I’m shocked that this propensity to cover up is so prevalent in the BBW porn world! After all, isn’t that why we’re here? We want to see it all – each and every curve and crevice adorning their big, beautiful bodies! That’s why I was so pleased to find a new model at Plumper Pass who just let her huge belly flop down before my eyes…

Sweet Maria lets her huge plumper belly flop down at Sweet Maria lets her huge plumper belly flop down at

(note: actual videos downloadable from PlumperPass are 640×480 resolution)

…yes, boys and girls and all the ships that sea, that’s what I’m talking about! The model in question goes by the name of Sweet Maria and, despite those beautiful big tits she’s got, it was her huge plumper tummy that really caught my eye from the outset. The amount of belly overhang she’s sporting is simply exceptional, and to see her reach around that voluminous, naked mass of flesh until she finds her pussy hidden beneath its gravitationally challenged rolls of fat folds and begins masturbating again and again is a real treat for this chubby belly lover (yes, I’ve found the “continuous loop” option on my media player)!

One can only imagine what it would be like fucking Sweet Maria, watching her flabby belly fat undulating with every thrust and stroke (as Mulder & Scully said when they guest-starred on the Simpsons, “It’s almost hypnotic. Like a lava lamp.”). Ah, but why tax the imagination when we have more videos?! In this video gallery we find our sweet masturbating Maria joined by a big black cock there for the fucking and sucking (yes, she gives a killer blowjob, too). So, once again, here’s Sweet Maria and her super-sized BBW belly, courtesy of

Sweet Maria lets her big BBW belly flop down at Sweet Maria lets her big BBW belly flop down at
Sweet Maria lets her big BBW belly flop down at Sweet Maria lets her big BBW belly flop down at