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Chocolate Candi

Don’t you just hate the man-whore that is Asante Stone?

He gets to fuck all our favorite Big Beautiful Women.

He gets to put his bald head between big, bountiful boobs.

He fondles fat.

He gets titty-fucked and cums on those BBW breasts and buttocks. The bastard. 😆

Sweet as candyfloss, Cotton Candi, who we have not seen here since last year, is all set for a session with that (BBC) big black cock.

African American Cotton is a huge honey weighing 269 lbs (19st 3lbs / 122kgs), she measures up at a gloriously gargantuan 58-40-56. She wears a mammoth 46 M-cup bra.

Far too big to be called chubby or plump, Cotton Candi is a SSBBW (Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman).

Her wonderful, wobbly, weight is distributed perfectly between her butt, belly and boobs. Her thighs and upper arms juggle with every cellulite covered shudder.

Here the divine Cotton is fucking and sucking, not-quite-gagging on hot, hard horn. Taking her time to look into our eyes (via the camera) with lustful longing.

That Brobdingnagian body bonking, until all her blubber is swingingly, sloshingly satisfied.

There is another video on MyBoobSite, HERE.