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BBW Dream Threesome with Sexy Samantha 38G & Desiree Devine

Do you remember the film “The Sentinel” (no, not that Sentinel, this Sentinel) wherein a fashion model moves into an old house occupied on the top floor by a blind priest who’s always staring out the window? You know, the one where her weird neighbour invites her to attend his cat Jezebel’s birthday party (“Black & white cat, black & white cake!”) before she discovers that hidden wall with the “Abandon hope all ye who enter here…” inscription from Dante’s Divine Comedy (which is actually somewhat inaccurate since Dante originally wrote, “All hope abandon ye who enter here.”) that’s meant to mark the entrance to Hell?? You don’t?! Bummer.

Anyway, there’s a scene in that film wherein the heroine has a flashback in which she catches her father in bed between two rather voluptuous nude women. This particular scene played a not-insignificant role in my then-adolescent fantasies (the film came out in ’77), and I could often be found masturbating to wet daydreams of just such a BBW threesome, surrounded to either side by big women with huge tits and plump bellies, totally losing myself wallowing in this fantasy orgy of flesh and fat.

I only mention this because, in my most recent visit to BBWDreams, I found a sexy plumper threesome video that truly lived up to the fantasy and more: It stars Samantha 38G & Desiree Devine and, although I’ve featured lovely G-cup Sam on my blogs countless times before (the most recent instance being here on MyBoobSite), I don’t think I’ve ever blogged Desiree! Frankly, I cannot comprehend how I’ve overlooked this busty BBW beauty in the past, as she’s got precisely the sort of plump tummy that feeds my flabby belly fetish to gluttonous proportions with overwhelming abdominal cleavage which rivals even that nestled between her huge breasts…

Belly cleavage matches big tits on Desiree Devine at BBW Dreams

Desiree Devine at

…now how would that be for a flabby belly fuck?! Desiree Divine is such a stunning woman anyway, the huge hanging belly cleavage is but a bonus. With a gorgeous face, seductive eyes, amazing breasts and hefty thighs (not to mention a big, beautiful ass that just won’t stop), it’s nigh on impossible to ignore the whole pulchritudinous package. However, if I ever had the sublime pleasure of sharing a bed with the divine Desiree, I fear that the sheer gravitational pull of her massive belly as a sex object extraordinaire would be too hard to resist and I would find myself in sad neglect of the rest of her correspondingly curvaceous charms. Indeed, I could just wallow in there for days on end, probing the delightful depths of her tummy cleavage with my tongue in search of her navel and then, those fabulous folds of fat flesh now well lubricated from my oral administrations, replace my tongue with my cock and fuck her stomach silly until I filled her belly-button with cum before pulling out to cuddle next to her and massage her now sticky with cum belly with one hand whilst I awaited my carnal constitution to return so I could head back in to that bountiful, beautiful belly for sloppy seconds.

Blimey, I seem to have gone off on one there! Sorry about that…

Back to that dream BBW threesome with Desiree Devine and Samantha 38G. Granted, any threesome with sexy Sam would be a dream come true, but throwing voluptuous vixen Desiree into the mix might just well be a bit too much, causing me to spontaneously combust in an explosion of sexual ecstasy (aka “cumming on contact”, but that just seemed a bit too crass for this blog)! Good thing it’s just a fantasy, then. Here are Samantha 38G & Desiree Devine sharing some lucky, lucky bastard, lavishing blowjobs upon him, drowning him in a sea of big tits and then at long last fucking him senseless, in this epic 44-minute movie courtesy of

Samantha 38G & Desiree Devine in BBW Threesome at Samantha 38G & Desiree Devine in BBW Threesome at
Samantha 38G & Desiree Devine in BBW Threesome at Samantha 38G & Desiree Devine in BBW Threesome at




Leah-Jayne 34HH is a Plumper ?!

Okay, so the question is presented tongue-in-cheek now, but it wasn’t all that long ago when I didn’t recognise this simple fact. You see, the first time I’d encountered the ever-lovely Leah-Jayne was on BustyBrits. I was instantly captivated by this stunning blonde beauty with seductive, piercing bedroom eyes and huge HH-cup breasts which seemed so perfectly balanced to the proportions of her body and fantasised about her relentlessly. But, despite her voluptuous measurements of 48-38-44, I didn’t perceive her as being a big girl – let alone a plumper or BBW – I simply saw Leah-Jayne as this intensely sexy girl I’d like to fuck…

Leah-Jayne masturbating with fuck-me pumps at Leah-Jayne masturbating with fuck-me pumps at

…at the time, though, Leah-Jayne only did softcore porn, so all of the sordid sexual situations I’d imagined her in were strictly contrivances of my own prurient mind. When I later came across Leah-Jayne’s appearance on XX-Cel with another human being fondling her huge breasts from behind, I became hopeful that she’d further explore this radical departure from her historic solo work and become more adventuresome. My dreams at long last came true in the Spring of 2006 when Leah-Jayne joined BustyBritain for her first ever hardcore porn photos & videos, and actually witnessing this well-endowed woman giving a handjob, a titfuck and a blowjob and seeing her partner licking her clit whilst shoving his fingers up her plump pussy was beyond my wildest fantasy constructs, causing me to cream my jeans even before I got to the fucking!

Since that time, I’m pleased to report that Leah-Jayne has truly flourished in the hardcore porn world and, keeping in line with my prior hopeful expectations, has become progressively more adventurous in her various erotic exploits, her inventive interpretation of the term “fuck-me pumps” bearing witness to that fact. However, I must honestly admit that I still have trouble lumping Leah-Jayne into the plumpers & BBWs category, even though her appearance on the PlumperPass family of sites would only serve to reinforce such classification. Who knows? Maybe I’m just so blinded by lust for this super sexy seductress that I can’t see the obvious.

And wouldn’t it be great if the whole world were that way? Granted, having convenient labels like “plumper” or “BBW” makes it far easier for the chubby chasers and fat admirers to find their dream girl, but it can also inspire derision and prejudice amongst the less enlightened who’ve not yet come to accept the sublime sensuality that a more voluptuous, womanly female figure has to offer (and, let’s be honest, there’s a far greater population of naturally curvy full-figured women in the world today than there are of those “sticks with tits” the media likes to portray as the norm!). The mid-point of casual conversation I had with a random bloke the other day regarding my blogs highlights the sad truth of this mindset…

Reese: “I also run a blog called MyBBWSite.”

Bloke: “What’s a BBW?”

R: “Big Beautiful Woman.”

B: “What do you mean? Like fat chicks??”

R: “Well, yes, but I prefer ‘voluptuous’ as an alternative.”

B: “That’s a laugh! There’s no way a woman could be big and beautiful at the same time!!”

…yup, sad but true, the misguided notion that BBW is an oxymoron seems to be the prevalent opinion amongst the male population at large (as well as that of a fair few women I’ve spoken to on the topic). These guys (& gals) are going to have to get their heads around the more expansive dimensions our society is evolving into or risk being left behind whilst we enjoy this blossoming bounty of buxom beauty. But I digress (again).

Stepping down off my soapbox and getting back to the lovely Leah-Jayne, her latest preview gallery for PlumperPass is once again a sight to behold! I cannot imagine anyone seeing this stunning blonde creature fishing her partner’s cock out of his Calvin Klein’s and teasingly licking it like a lollipop before launching into a full-blown blowjob and not getting totally turned-on with their own throbbing erection (or perhaps they do, but just don’t want to admit it!)? And, with a perfectly plump shaved pussy like Leah-Jayne’s, however could you even begin to resist going down on her for a nice long cunnilingus session, sucking those succulent labia flaps into your mouth whilst your tongue tastes the tempting treat of her warm, wet vagina juices?

Why, I’d even be willing to forgo the fucking given the opportunity to wallow in her big belly and huge breasts as I lavish oral attentions upon her beautiful body (hmmm, a nice 69-position sex session springs to mind, as it would provide the added bonus of Leah-Jayne sucking my cock as well!)! Then again, seeing that perfect ass in the air as she gets down on her hands and knees doggy-style does seem to be the ideal invitation to penis / pussy penetration, so I suppose some fucking would be inevitable. ;~)

Indeed, this big horny blonde babe is nothing short of a wet dream cum true and, although I’ll probably never enjoy the supreme pleasure of meeting her face-to-face, I nonetheless relish every appearance for the exquisitely erotic fantasy wank-fodder she provides. And so, in my typically generous spirit of sharing my prime masturbation material, I give you 34HH Leah-Jayne in her most recent hardcore appearance at

Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at
Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at
Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at
Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at
Leah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at PlumperPass.comLeah-Jayne 34HH big tits plumper hardcore at




Chessie Moore – How can I tell thee?

I find it a serious struggle sometimes to express how I feel about someone without sounding somewhat disrespectful to the public at large. For instance, if I were to describe my wife as “the blonde slut with big tits” I’ve no doubt that some would take offense. Vix, however, wouldn’t bat an eyelid at this description, considering that she uses similar terminology when talking about herself (and, bearing in mind that I received a text message from her whilst I was out last night saying, “XXXX just PM’d to apologise for going down on me in public… He did?!”, I believe this to be an apt summary of both her appearance and behaviour).

However, 2008 being the Year of the Plumper, I feel the need to be a bit more careful. There are just too many other sites out there who take the piss out of plumpers, referring to them as “fat slags” and such (and genuinely meant in the derogatory sense, judging by the whole of the context), which I feel does not afford these big, beautiful women the respect they deserve. Further, exposure to such a negative attitude toward BBWs can only serve to encourage and propagate a similar disrespectful demeanour amongst the readers of such overtly malicious tripe, and I’d hate to think I was likewise responsible for exacerbating to the problem.

It becomes especially difficult for me, though, when I’m blogging on about someone like Chessie Moore. Although I dearly love Chessie and hold her in nothing but the highest esteem, the words I choose could easily be misinterpreted to the contrary. But what do you write about a girl who, whilst taking an afternoon’s stroll through the forest and enjoying the great outdoors, casually picks up a bottle and shoves it up her cunt?

Chessie Moore fucking a bottle at


Well, personally, I’d say that she epitomises the definition of my dream girl! Yes, Chessie is a slut – pure & simple – and that’s why I love her (I’ll bet you probably thought it was because she’s a big tit blonde, didn’t you? although I must admit that’s a nice bonus).

Honestly, there’s nothing anyone could tell me about Chessie that would squelch my desire for her. Even the now ancient history news that early on in her porn career she’d had carnal relations with canine companions only serves to enhance my view of Chessie as a hypersexual human being (the fact that one of my best friends in high-school was a farm girl with a similar predisposition, albeit in the equine direction, probably helps me to understand such animalistic inclinations). I find it especially endearing that Chessie still openly admits to and even jokes about these underground erotic episodes from her distant past, as it simply tells me that she accepts the whole of her sexuality without shame or reservation.

For me, Chessie Moore is just another one of those girls that I’d be proud to take home to mother (were I not already married, that is). Chessie’s openness and honesty about herself is most refreshing, a true pioneer in a world that’s just beginning to come to grips with outward expressions of diverse sexuality. She just strikes me as an ideal partner with whom to comfortably explore the full sexual spectrum within the security of a stable relationship, from watching her have a solo lady-wank to going one-on-one in a hands-free tit-fuck to inviting a friend to join in a threesome all the way to sharing her with others in a greedy-girl gangbang and beyond, ever expanding your horny horizons together.

But for all the vast array of sexually adventurous escapades possible in such a delightfully open relationship, it’s still the quiet times together that you cherish the most, laying in bed reminiscing over prior masturbatory memories and coital conquests to the point that you both get so turned on you end up – *gasp* – fucking each other! :~o So, in order to conclude this lovely Chessie Moore fantasy, here she is in intimate one-on-one hardcore sex action in these videos from her very own website:

Chessie Moore titfuck-blowjob videos at